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Get Involved – An Exciting New Project!

We're on a mission to help young people transition to adulthood - and you can help!

We’re on a mission to find out what support is like for young people with disabilities, just like you, who are transitioning from being kids into adulthood. 

And the best way to do that is to hear from YOU!

young person giving their views

Why is this so important?

Well, we want to gather as much information and ideas as we can to make things better for your people with disabilities and SEND as they grow up in the UK. 

We’re talking about creating new and improved support systems, and changing things for the better.

This research will help us truly understand what’s happening for young people aged 14-25 as you go through these changes.


And YOU can help us make a big difference!

Our Focus Groups are ready to listen…

Our team of researchers is putting together two helpful focus groups.

Focus Group 1 is all about hearing your experiences as a young person. 

Focus Group 2 is focused on what your parents and guardians have to say.

Each focus group will run for about 90 minutes (and you only need to be involved with one).

As many experiences as possible!

We need to get as many different experiences as possible to make this project work. So no matter your age or background, what YOU have to say is so important. 

And we get that life can be pretty busy, so we promise to find a time what works for you.


Plus, a £50 gift voucher, as a thank you for sharing your thoughts!

young boy having fun in water

How can we make sure you’re comfortable?

Your health and happiness is always our priority. And we want to make sure you’re comfortable with this. So that might mean:

  • having an adult with you during the focus group
  • perhaps giving you the questions ahead of time
  • taking breaks when you need them
  • using the chat function along with video calls
  • And anything else you request – we’ll all about making it work for you.

Will my answers be private?

Don’t worry – all the things you tell us will ONLY be used to help KIDS understand what support young people need as they become adults.

We’re working with an independent researcher called Laurie Blair on this project. We’ll pass on your details to Laurie who will be in touch with you directly to arrange your participation in the focus group and discuss your ideas and opinions.

Your info will be kept confidential and secure by Kids and by Laurie. And if you’re under 18 you’ll need permission from your parent or guardian to join in.

Members of the Hampshire Young People's Participation Team with TV presenter Clare Balding

Ready to have your voice heard?

If you’re ready to be part of something important, new and exciting, then fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch – let’s make a difference together!

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Get your voice heard and be a part of something new, exciting and important!

The Hub team


  • Preferred Name: Órla
  • Role at KIDS: Wellbeing co-ordinator.
  • About me: I run the online well-being groups and a group in Wandsworth. I am also a playworker! I have a background in Art therapy. 
  • Fun facts: I love different wheels! I have roller-skates, a surf-skate board and a bike. 


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